Company Foundation
Leisinger is established based on the the forge
Eckerlin (est. 1910) in which trailer upfitting was started in 1936.


Acquisition and move to the new company site in Neuenburg am Rhein.
Trailers and body upfitting for trucks – mainly customized –
are built.

1981 / 1982

The upfitting business is spun-off and under lease.
Leisinger changes from OEM to the supplier of the industry.


The company founder Hans Leisinger dies.
His wife Irma Leisinger and her son
H.-A. Leisinger are managing the company.


After the death of H.-A. Leisinger Irma Leisinger and her grandchild
Elisabeth Leisinger are managing the company.


Hand-off of the business and company to Alexander Eyhorn and
Marcel Kappeler as new owners and managing directors.



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