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LEISINGER Polyp-Anti-Rattle-Device-They are used in two-and three-way tippers, or tipping trailers, and
Reverse trucks of all kinds LEISINGER Tilting 2-Way Bearing Latches-The new tilting 2-way bearing latch with Noise Cancellation System and the associated tilting 2-way bearing fork has a lateral length equalization system and can be combined with the 3-way tilting bearing and the associated security bolt. Approved for up to 40 tons total weight. LEISINGER 3-Way Tilting Bearings-also has an integrated Noise Cancellation System that uses a robust Vulcollan roll. The roll is adjustable eccentrically. The tilting bearing is supported in maintenancefree fashion in a screw-in Delrin cup that once again ensures a long service life. The installation of the Leisinger 3-way tilting bearing allows – as a result of the compact design –
economical and efficient construction. LEISINGER 2-Way Tilting Bearings-the best possible solution for rear dump trucks of all kinds! With robust, drop-forged ball and tilting bearing upper part and tilting bearing
lower part with screw-in Delrin cup – is the optimal tilting bearing for rear dump trucks of all kinds. Because of the screw-in Delrin cup, the 2-way tilting bearing is supported in wear-free fashion and ensures a long service life. The tightly bolted connection of the 2-way tilting bearing prevents the penetration of any possible kind of contamination.

We represent
competency and quality

The outstanding quality and the
convincing advantages of the
Leisinger tipping technology has
proven their long lasting reliability
national and internationally.
Especially our Ball Tipping Bearings and Polyp Anti-Rattle devices are in demand.

These products do not need
additional lubrication in any kind
which enables these parts to be used maintenance free for years. Further the noise-cancellation system reduces the emission of rattling noise and helps increasing the lifetime of the parts.

Important facts:

  • proven system
  • maintenance free
  • without lubrication
  • simple usage

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